Fantic is revamping its entire Cross and Enduro 2T and 4T range, and launching a new version aimed at serious riders, who will be able to access a race-ready bike complete with a racing kit.

November will see the launch of the keenly anticipated XE300 2T, the latest addition to the MY range, fitted with a Fantic-Minarelli engine for the pro Enduro racer



Santa Maria di Sala (Venice, Italy), 26 July 2023



FANTIC MY24 BLACK EDITION – Darkness is falling as the MY24 Black Edition is rising. The new range includes even more details and technology from the models used by the victorious Fantic Racing teams in major Enduro and MX championships. This is the most advanced version of Fantic FACTORY FEELING, ensuring every rider the quality of a Factory bike straight from our racing department.

The new livery is inspired by those of the models we've seen racing in recent months, ridden by competitors from the official Fantic Racing teams. The new design features black plastics and bodywork, with neon yellow graphics, that give it a stylish yet aggressive look.

Fantic is launching this as a limited edition, which is delivered with a special racing kit, designed to equipe the most demanding of riders.

The model line up remains unchanged, with 4 in the Motocross family (XX125 2T, XX250 2T, XXF250 4T, XXF450 4T) and 3 in the Enduro (XE125 2T, XEF250 4T, XEF450 4T). Meanwhile, the hugely anticipated XE300 2T, will be unveiled in November and launched straight onto the market.




FANTIC SPECIAL RACING KIT Supplied with the bike,in the form of additional parts, the launch kit mainly relates to chassis and ergonomics, and includes exactly the same components used by the Fantic Racing champions of the official MX and Enduro teams. The braking system has been completely revolutionised and features a 270mm Newfren floating disc at the front; while at the rear the Motocross version has a 240mm slotted disc and the Enduro range a solid disc of the same width (245mm in some versions), to prevent the build-up of mud and dirt. The brakes come with a set of Fantic Racing sintered brake pads. The new Factory Feeling design features 28mm Reikon handlebars and a set of Domino D-Lock lock-on non slip grips.

An extra rear sprocket is provided, to always ensure you have the right drive ratio for the any enduro path or mx track. To protect the chain and the rear sprocket, the kit includes a chain guide specifically designed for racing. The official livery also extends to the red anodised components for the braking system and the engine oil feed.

And that's not all: Motorex, official partner of Fantic Racing, has decided to provide all new riders of the Black Edition with the same products that official riders use for oil changes (2T: Motorex Cross Power 2T, Motorex Racing Gear Oil 10w40. 4T: Motorex Cross Power 4T).













FANTIC MX LINE Successes on the track demonstrate the value of the Fantic MX 2024 line. A range that boasts 10 titles in 3 years, including Junior 125 World Champion, EMX250 and EMX2T European Champion.



It is the 2022 EMX125 Champion bike with Dutchman Cas Valk and is currently at the top of all championships this season as well. Pocket rocket engine – A small but ultra-performance 125cc 2-stroke engine, fuelled by a Kehin 38mm carburettor which, thanks to a solenoid-controlled power jet, further enhances performance when it's needed on the track. Top class chassis – The XX125 boasts the most competitive frame and suspension in its class. An exceptionally precise high-tech semi-double cradle frame in aluminium for optimum rigidity and lightness, weighing just 8 kg. Kayaba suspension has been the benchmark for off-road bikes for years and needs no introduction.  The Kayaba SSS (Speed Sensitive System) 48mm closed cartridge pressurised forks have 300mm of travel and are fully adjustable for pre-load, extension and compression. Technology Made in Fantic – The ECU control unit, developed directly by the Fantic Racing department, guarantees perfect combustion at all rpm by electronically managing the ignition. The XX125 comes with two engine mapping settings accessed from the handlebars. The Soft Mapping delays ignition timing, giving a more gentle delivery and is recommended for a more treacherous terrain, for a bike that's always responsive and manageable, without sacrificing the adrenaline rush of maximum power.



XX250 is still wet from the champagne of the celebrations for the EMX2T European title just won, which has declared it once again this year as the queen of the 2T. A record of achievement that stretches further with no less than 5 titles in just 3 years! Powerful and balanced engine - The beating heart of the XX250 is the piston that benefits from Fantic Racing MX development, thanks to experience on tracks around the world. With the Fantic exhaust system and double mapping control unit, the XX250 becomes even more powerful and explosive when needed, but the excellent chassis makes it easy to handle. An extremely powerful, but balanced, weapon. Class-leading precision and responsiveness thanks to the ultra-light aluminium frame, allowing all riders to give their best in all riding conditions.



The XXF250 is the queen of MX tracks and the ultimate representation of Factory Feeling. A top-of-the-range bike, with Traction Control, Launch Control and WiGET app as standard. The exhaust is beautiful and high-performance with a titanium silencer weighing only 1kg. Engine for all – The engine's compact layout ensures maximum operating efficiency. The reversed head centralises the masses as much as possible for extreme handling and agility, to make all motocross riders happy, from the amateur to the pro. Smart technology – The XXF250 is a smart motorbike because thanks to the dedicated 'WiGET' app, it is like having several motorbikes in one. With a simple click from your smartphone, the bike's ECU adjusts to one of the mapping setups developed by Fantic Racing, or you can create your own engine setup for any terrain and weather conditions.



The XXF450 is ready to impress. A motorbike that boasts unlimited power and aggression, but without sacrificing versatility, agility and control. The traction and torque released by this 450 are balanced by great vehicle control and management that allows it to exploit its enormous qualities at its best. The ECU system is an RX1Pro Athena-GET control, developed by the Fantic Racing Department: a racing control unit fitted on a standard bike. A switch positioned on the handlebar is used to select the ideal mapping. Fantic offers 3 different possible settings: Standard, Hard and Soft that can also be customized according to your needs.

High balance and performance – The engine boasts an absolutely distinctive solution on the market: the inverted cylinder head, for a direct, short and efficient frontal intake line. This compact engine layout, combined with a cylinder inclined backwards from the vertical, centralises the masses to the maximum, guaranteeing extreme agility and impressive handling. The Arrow exhaust, with titanium silencer, represents a real factory bike plus.

Racing chassis – Thanks to the exceptional qualities of the aluminium perimeter frame and KYB suspension with SSS (Speed-Sensitive System) 48 mm diameter fork, 310 mm stroke and MX setting studied and improved by the Fantic racing department. The mono-shock provides 317 mm of wheel travel and is separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. Slim superstructures facilitate movement on the seat and guarantee an instant feeling on the bike. Front fairings and side panels are functional and ergonomic, allowing freedom of movement and control of the bike in every situation. The tank has a capacity of 6.2 litres. Top-of-the-line technology – Riding the Fantic XXF450, everything is under control with Traction Control, Launch Control and the WiGET app as standard, for a unique bike adjusted to your needs.





The Fantic Enduro line is a leading performer in the EnduroGP World championship, as demonstrated by winning 8 titles in 2 years, including the two consecutive Youth and Women World championships and the three ISDE World Champion titles. The continuous improvements in the 2024 Fantic range are the result of great work both in terms of research and development with the Racing Department and on the track.


Enduro in the purest form. This is XE125. A model at the top of its category, winner of two consecutive Youth Enduro World Championships (2021 and 2022). Racing engine – The two-stroke engine, Euro5 homologated, is extremely easy to exploit right from low revs. Its character is accentuated thanks to the exhaust, developed in cooperation with Arrow, and the new 2024 performance-optimised ECU mapping. Winning chassis – One of the great strengths of this bike is its extraordinary ultra-light aluminium frame with great rigidity. Its structure guarantees precision and responsiveness, supported by Kayaba suspension. 15 seconds – That's all it takes to change the air filter with the new rear end. No tools. What counts is riding, optimising time for maintenance.


It is the descendant of the model that contributed to the Maglia Azzurra's success at the Six Days Enduro 2021 and dominated the Women's World Championship in 2022 with British champion Jane Daniels, winning every race on the calendar.

Multi-champion engine – Layout that improves performance and handling by optimising the intake and centralising masses. The Arrow aluminium exhaust provides great torque and linearity of power supply.

Super-accurate chassis – The XEF250's chassis was developed to guarantee the most demanding enduro riders full control of the bike and the right balance between lightness and rigidity, agility and precision. That's why we chose KYB using a 48mm fork with 300mm travel and ultra-adjustable preload, rebound and compression damping. The monoshock is also Kayaba, with 315mm of wheel travel. Top technology - With the dedicated "WiGET" app, you can have several bikes in one with a simple click on your smartphone, adjusting the bike's ECU to the maps developed by Fantic Racing.



The mighty Fantic XEF450 is the perfect representation of balance of power and control, and the handling of the 55hp 4-stroke engine.

Powerful engine – The Fantic 450cc doesn't just offer exuberance but has an architecture that guarantees agility and handling that enduro riders will admire. The Arrow exhaust unleashes all the power, exciting and deep sound of the 4-stroke.

Lean chassis – The XEF 450 is mighty, but thanks to its slim lines it has class-leading handling, enhanced by the fully adjustable Kayaba suspension, to adapt to the various levels of riding, from Sunday riding to winning a Six Days.

Customisable technology – Two maps developed by Fantic Racing that can be controlled from the "WiGET" app. With just a few clicks on their smartphone, every enduro rider can customise their Fantic XEF450 according to their preferences and needs.



Special Racing kit list:


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