Fantic e-bikes are designed by the historical experience in off-road and cross racing. In the Fantic philosophy, an e-bike must guarantee full control in any conditions of the trail: easy to ride for all riders, efficiency in design and exclusive components.
Frame |Seatstays.

The Rampage model. Enhanced weight efficiency is achieved through a unique suspension system that bends the rear triangle, eliminating the need for two additional joints.

The Fantic Flip Chip patent, initially developed for the XTF 1.6 carbon, enables two rear wheel positions, resulting in two distinct geometries while maintaining a short rear length. This design ensures a responsive ride with both 2.2'' and 2.4'' tires.

New Seatstays. "Injected composite" strut developed by Fantic’s R&D department in collaboration with Acerbis.

This novel technology not only allows the brace to perform and respond better and more quickly on uneven terrains compared to other materials but also instantly gives it a new look. This innovative technology will be applied to the Trail Alu, All-Mountain, Enduro, and DH segments

Mileage | Efficiency


Fantic designs its E-Bikes with a view to ensuring the best performance of the battery and electric motor. They are fitted with Brose, TQ and Yamaha motors in order to achieve the best possible performance. This innovative technology will be applied to the Trail Alu, All-Mountain, Enduro, and DH segments. Our engineers carefully select the motors we use to offer the best torque even at a low pedaling frequency (between 60-90 pedal strokes per minute), up to a maximum torque of 120 Nm (in the ISSIMO 45 model).

TQ, the new motor and battery Power Unit is specifically dedicated to the light e-mtb segment with a 50 Nm HPR50 motor to guarantee the feel of a muscular bike. Extremely silent and light, the removable, 360Wh battery integrated in the frame is rechargeable via the same frame charging port used to connect the range extender.


We've engineered a compact 630Wh and 720Wh battery with upper extraction to reduce accidental drops when ejecting and to keep it clean from dirt.

The new 720 Wh battery is engineered with 40 cells and the charging connector is a magnetic Rosenberg that guarantees a high number of charging loops.  In addition, thanks to its small size and lightweight, the extra battery can be easily carried. (2 batteries = 1.440 KWh capacity).

Control | Handling.


The position of the motor unit and the battery has been optimized so as to make it easier to ride the e-bike. By positioning the motor and battery close to the bike’s center of gravity, Fantic was able to achieve better weight distribution and, as a result, greater stability and maneuverability. 


In designing the frames, FEM analysis is applied and continuous structural and fatigue tests are conducted. In this way, the shapes and thicknesses of each frame section are optimized to ensure the necessary stiffness without adding weight. 


Drawing on its experience in the field of professional motocross, Fantic was the first company in the bike market to launch a differentiated wheel design back in 2015, with 29-inch front wheels that make it easier to go over obstacles and 27.5-inch rear wheels for better traction and control.


Thanks to Fantic’s specially designed rocker, the rear chainstay of the frame is designed to achieve ‘Full Floater’ damping. Smoother progression ensures that the rear wheel has a good grip on the track, adapting to the terrain.

Fantic App

The Fantic App is available and for free download on iOS and Android(*) devices. Main features:

Fantic e-bike registration.

Itinerary set-up with navigator functions.

Downloading road maps.

Setting motor assistance levels.

Trip data.

Total riding data (km, time, etc.).

E-Learning battery function: the App shows information on battery levels based on the rider's cycling style.

Real-time battery status diagnostics.

Itinerary history.

(*) For some display models equipped on Fantic E-bikes, it may be necessary to install an additional Bluetooth kit for enjoy the APP. For more information, please contact a Fantic dealer.

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