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Roberto is back! The top Italian bakery brand is partner of Fantic Racing

Two leading Italian brands, each with ties to the country’s Veneto region, take part in the Moto2 World Championship, fueled by their insatiable passion for on-track excitement


“Throttles to the max and feet off the ground. Let all hell loose when I say go!” This is how legendary motorcycle racing commentator Guido Meda calls us to attention at the start of every race, iconic words highlighting the passion elicited by one of the most electrifying adrenaline sports, the MotoGP. And this season, for the second year running, Roberto is an official sponsor of the Fantic Racing Team, with its two drivers Aron Canet and Xavi Cardelus


Roberto is the food brand originally founded in 1962 in the province of Treviso as a small local bread shop specialized in breadsticks. Today, with a range of bakery products that has grown and can now be found in homes across Italy, Roberto is a symbol of togetherness and quality at the table. It has continuously innovated over the decades in response to consumers’ changing needs, becoming an international brand at the cutting edge. Similarly, Fantic Motor, another historic brand with a young, modern soul, has chosen Moto2 as its path to global recognition.


When it comes to the company’s mass production motorcycles, the Caballero was undoubtedly the bike that left the greatest mark. Unveiled in the late 1960s, it was Fantic’s most popular model and became the undisputed status symbol of fourteen-year-olds with a thirst for freedom and adventure. Italians in their fifties will remember it fondly: the Caballero was the enduro bike of their dreams, the quintessential motorcycle with a capital M. Today, Fantic is the only Italian manufacturer with motorcycles competing in four types of races: motocross, enduro, rally and speed, in which it holds 32 national and international titles. And for the 2024 season, the Fantic Racing Team got off to an even stronger start: pole position in the first race in Qatar and Aron Canet’s win in Portugal.


This early success exemplifies the team’s deep passion and competitiveness and gets the Italian hearts of Fantic’s fans racing. Passion is what fuels the partnership between Roberto and Fantic, as both embrace the challenge of surpassing their limits every day with determination and dedication to the pursuit of victory, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of all Italian success.


“The partnership between Roberto and Fantic Motor is more than two brands coming together. We share a deep bond based on our common values of passion, quality and authenticity,” explained Marta Canzian, General Manager of Roberto Industria Alimentare. We are thrilled to be backing the Fantic Racing Team this Moto2 season, offering our support and energy, along with our products, so the team is ready to face the challenges on the track. 


This is how Fantic Motor and Roberto are bringing flavor to their adventure on the road around Italy and the world. “Our mission is to let people experience Roberto by moving the brand increasingly closer to consumers to create shared moments they’ll never forget. This latest adventure with Fantic will help us bring the quality of our products everywhere and proudly represent all the excellence of our region,” added Silvia Raffaello, Marketing Director of Morato Group. “We hope to enrich everyone’s enjoyment and their experience of being together.” Whether we’re together at the table or, to take a line from Guido Meda, jumping up on the couch to cheer for MotoGP riders, passion unites us.


Stefano Bedon, Project Manager of Fantic Racing Moto2, concluded, “Roberto is a brand that needs no introduction. It’s known and loved in Italy and abroad by anyone who has tasted its products. We are proud and honored to have a brand this well known, and from Veneto to boot, on our bikes and in our hospitality tent, where our guests will enjoy a selection of Roberto products.”


Roberto was founded in Susegana, in the province of Treviso, in 1962 as a small local bread shop specialized in breadsticks. Now, sixty years later, its wide range of bakery products can be found on the tables of families across Italy. Offering hamburger buns, soft, crustless sandwich bread, piadinas and, of course, breadsticks, the Roberto name is synonymous with Italian food and an authentic lifestyle. Roberto has continuously innovated over the decades in response to consumers’ changing needs, becoming an international brand at the cutting edge. Times and circumstances may change, but Roberto’s greatest strength remains its recipes, rooted in Italian tradition and the tried-and-true ways of doing things, but constantly updated to bring the market delicious, wholesome and well-balanced food.



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