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EGP of Spain: Fantic leads in the Junior and Youth classes

Fantic Racing riders are protagonists in the enduro World Championship's second round. Jed Etchells leads the Junior class, while Kevin Cristino is the full-score leader of the Youth. Fantastic performance also by Albin Norrbin in the Junior.

Lalín, May 7th, 2023


The second round of the 2023 EnduroGP World Championship took place this weekend (May 5-7) in Spain and, more precisely, in Lalín, a small village a few kilometres from Santiago de Compostela and one of the many stages of the famous Camino de Santiago. 

The weekend of the Spanish GP began with the news that none of us ever wanted to receive. Due to a motorbike accident near the paddock a few minutes after the race on Saturday, L.M. Team Manager Ludovic Pierre tragically lost his life.

Fantic, all teams and riders join the condolences and grief of his family and Team L.M. in this sad and painful circumstance.

After the usual Super Test on the evening of Friday, with the presence of a large audience of fans, the Spanish GP officially kicked off on Saturday with a race masterfully organised by the Moto Club Movete Moto, who designed, in collaboration with the Track Inspector Maurizio Micheluz, a race course of over 70 km highly technical and treacherous in which our riders had to compete with three special tests to be repeated three times a day for a total of eighteen special tests throughout the race weekend.

The race path of the Iberian GP included a natural Extreme Test located in the centre of Lalín, 1 km long and characterised by a mixed terrain of dirt and sand made particularly difficult by the presence of numerous slippery rocks, followed by a speedy Cross Test with varied terrain of grass, mud and sand, and a 7 km Enduro Test in a forest with soft terrain made difficult by the presence of numerous roots along the way.


In the E3 class Lorenzo Macoritto, Fantic Racing's rider, rode two good days of racing, finishing in seventh position on Day One and tenth on Sunday.


In the Junior class, the absolute protagonist was JET Fantic Racing team's Jed Etchells, the current class leader after a brilliant weekend, with a first and a second place, riding the Fantic XEF 250. In addition, he is also leading the J1 class.

Fantic Racing rider Albin Norrbin performed an amazing race in Lalín, finishing second and third in the Junior and winning both days of competition in the J2 class.

JET Fantic Racing's Harry Edmondson finished both days of racing in eleventh position in the Junior class, while in the Junior 1 class, he took sixth and seventh place.


Kevin Cristino has undoubtedly established himself as the unchallenged frontrunner in the Youth category, having secured perfect scores with his Fantic XE 125. Throughout the two-day event, the Fantic Racing Team representative showcased sheer dominance, leaving his competitors behind significantly. Always in the Youth class, Valentino Corsi, Fantic Racing rider, conquered a good tenth place on the opening day and an excellent seventh place on Day 2.

After conquering the second round of the 2023 FIM EnduroGP World Championship, the teams and riders will enjoy a well-deserved two-week hiatus before returning to the business at the highly anticipated Heinola Finnish GP on May 27th and 28th.

Albine Norrbin: "I was sure I would have a good GP because we are all doing a great job. The feeling with the bike is great, and now let's concentrate on the Finnish and Swedish GPs."

Jed Etchells: "Also in Spain, we fought for the top positions and did a great job all weekend. Currently, I am the leader of the Junior class, but we must not let our guard down."

Kevin Cristino: "A perfect start to the season, and also, in Spain, we won both race days. Now maximum concentration for the GPs in Finland and Sweden, which are usually very tough."

Harry Edmondson: "I am starting to find the right feeling with the new bike, the transition from 125 to the higher displacements and category is not easy, but we are working on getting to the top positions."


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