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Fantic hat-trick in the 125 class at the Assoluti in Grado

Fantic hat-trick in the 125 class with Cristino, Corsi, and Scardina. Also, Macoritto is on the podium in the 300 class. Jane Daniels takes second place in the women's category.


Grado (GO), March 19th, 2023


Grado, a picturesque seaside town in Friuli with Venetian charm and a historical tourist and spa destination halfway between Trieste and Venice, hosted on Saturday, 18th, and Sunday, March 19th, the third and fourth rounds of the top Italian enduro championship for the 2023 season.

A not-too-long but swift race course, a mild and sunny climate, and the cheers of the numerous spectators who flocked to the historic town in the Venezia Giulia region to immerse themselves in the adrenalin-filled atmosphere of Italian enduro racing and admire the top riders in this discipline battling it out were the leitmotif of this race weekend in which our riders had to tackle a not-too-treacherous and technical but swift course.

For the occasion, the Motoclub Grado, assisted by the track inspector Mauro Rinaldi, designed a race course in the shape of eight with a total length of 30 km, almost primarily flat, that allowed our riders to face four special tests quite similar to each other in terms of the type of terrain, located at a short distance one from the other and with transfers of medium difficulty given the flat morphology of the Grado territory.

The second race of the Italian enduro championship 2023 opened with a Cross Test of 3 km mainly on hard terrain, followed by an entirely artificial Extreme Test of over 2.5 km, at the end of which the riders were scheduled to return to the paddock for assistance, and then resume the race towards a flat Enduro Test characterized by rugged, stony and dusty terrain, followed by the last of the four special tests in the program: a Cross Test of about 4 km in the spectacular location of the Grado beach.

Kevin Cristino, a Fantic Racing rider, also won in Grado on both days of the race in class 125. Pietro Scardina, Fantic Racing Junior Team and Valentino Corsi, Cristino's teammate, completed the final all-Fantic podium.

Saturday's unfortunate day in the 300 class for home rider Lorenzo Macoritto; the Factory Racing rider retired on the first lap after a mechanical problem. However, the Friuli-based rider made up for it on Sunday with an excellent third place in a hard-fought class.

After an excellent start to the season Gianluca Facchetti, Fantic Racing, injured his right wrist in Grado during the Extreme Test on the first day of the race.

In the Foreigners class, the Fantic riders ran a good race, and the best was Jed Etchells, JET Fantic Racing, the British rider finished in tenth position on Day One and eleventh on the following race day. His team-mate, Harry Edmondson, finished in fourteenth and sixteenth position in the hard-fought Foreigner class.
Absent because of an injury, Fantic Racing's Swedish rider Albin Norrbin will start the first round of the Enduro World Championship in Arma di Taggia at the end of the month. 

Jane Daniels in Grado took the second step of the podium in the Women's class, fighting with other riders who will compete with her for the Woman class title at the 2023 World Championship—for the JET Fantic Racing rider, the race weekend served to test different technical solutions in anticipation of the first round of the World Enduro Championship.

Filed the third and fourth rounds of the Assoluti d'Italia Enduro, the team and riders are preparing to face the inaugural GP of the 2023 season of the EnduroGP world championship to be held in Arma di Taggia Saturday, 1st, and Sunday, April 2nd.

The next appointment with the top Italian enduro championship is scheduled in over a month at Fara Filiorum Petri (CH).



"A real pity to have lost several points due to the withdrawal on the opening day, but these are the races. Now we will try to do well at the enduro world championship". 


I am very happy with my feeling about the bike, and we will have a good race at the enduro world championship premiere in a few weeks. Here at Grado, we have done an excellent job with the whole team.


"Also, this race weekend, I tried different technical solutions on the bike, and for this, I want to thank the team for their availability. So for sure, we will arrive prepared for the first round of the enduro world championship".


"Another one-two in the 125 class which allows us to arrive at the first round of the enduro world champions with very high morale".


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