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Fantic teams ready for the 2023 EnduroGP gran finale

Fantic riders to face the second in a row GP of Portugal, the last 2023 EnduroGP round.
Jed Etchells and Albin Norrbin compete in the Junior class, and Kevin Cristino and Jane Daniels are one step away from the world title in the Youth and Women's Championships.


Santiago do Cacem, October 5th, 2023 


The second in a raw GP of Portugal, scheduled this weekend in Santiago do Cacem, closed the 2023 EnduroGP season, but, most of all, it will decide its destiny. After 133 special tests fought until now, the titles in the Junior and Youth classes and the Women's World Championship will be decided in the last GP of the season.

With 40 points up for grabs in the Junior class, the heat is between the two Fantic riders: Jed Etchells (JET Fantic Racing) leads the world standings with 210 points, ten more than Albin Norrbin (Fantic Racing). They are the absolute protagonists of this season. Their march in the championship is very similar: Jed has collected four-day wins and six-second places, while Albin has five wins and four places of honor.
They must also confirm their respective leadership in the Junior 1 and Junior 2 classes.

Kevin Cristino (Fantic Racing), thanks to the tremendous double win at the previous GP of Portugal last weekend in Valpacos, made a significant step towards the world title. Riding his Fantic XE 125, Kevin dominated the 2023 Enduro World Championship, winning ten out of twelve races with special test times very close to those recorded by his rivals on bigger bikes.

Jane Daniels is repeating last year's perfect season, when she won the world title with total points, taking all eight days of competition. Even this season, Jane dominates by winning over half of the special stages, leaving her rivals the crumbs.

Simone Albergoni (Fantic Racing team manager): "We are ready for the last grand prix. Last week, Cristino was exceptional; now, he must maintain the same concentration. Albin did exceptional times, always giving 100%. I expect a great race in the last GP, taking advantage of every situation."

Franco Mayr (JET Fantic Racing team manager): "This weekend, we are riding for two world titles. Jane is one step away from winning the Women's Championship. She has to finish her race. In the Junior class, Jed Etchells has to manage the lead, although I imagine he will want to do himself proud. It will be a very exciting weekend, but we are ready."


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