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Alex Salvini triumphs in the 6th Alta Valle del Tevere Motorally

Rain and mud do not stop the riders in Umbertide (PG), with a resounding performance of the Fantic rider who takes the victory in the 6th round of the Italian Motorally Championship.


Ubertide (PG), June 4, 2023


The Italian Motorally Championship arrived in Umbria, specifically in Umbertide (PG), where the 5th and 6th rounds of the season were held on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4. Two in-line tests were scheduled on the first day of the race, respectively, of 35 and 29 kilometres, which, however, due to the rain that fell the night before the race, were reduced for safety reasons, finally leading to the cancellation of the 2nd special.

On the first day, the satisfaction for Team Fantic came from the third place overall of an increasingly concrete Alex Salvini, 3rd of the day also in the D-450 class. The fast Tiziano Internò with the Fantic XEF 450 Rally finished second in the Marathon class. In the B-250 class, third place was Niccolò Ferraris and his Fantic XEF 250.

On the second day of the race, valid as the 6th round of the Italian Motorally Championship that was going to close the 6th Motorally Alta Valle del Tevere, the two selective sectors were again reduced due to bad weather, with the 1st in-line test limited to 16 kilometres. In contrast, the second special was increased to 6 kilometres.

And on Sunday came the excellent performance of Alex Salvini, who took victory in the day's overall standings riding his Fantic XEF 450. Salvini got the first position in the first special stage in the morning, replicating the excellent result in the 2nd stage, thus preceding all 240 starters and taking home the victory of the D-450 queen class. In the B-250 class, again a third place for Niccolò Ferraris, while in the Marathon class, Tiziano Internò sacrificed his day, generously offering his XEF 450 Rally to teammate Di Piero and the best Fantic rider was Gianluca Marchetto, sixth.

The last race will be in Sardinia in October, where the titles will be awarded to the 2023 Italian champions.

Alex Salvini: "It was a good two days of racing here in Umbertide. The first day with the third time overall and third in class, and this second day was very good with the overall and class win. The weekend was difficult because of the very variable weather conditions; much water on Saturday made the officials and race officials work very hard. They should be congratulated for saving the race anyway with two good specials. I am very happy because I won a whole day in all four off-road disciplines: supercross, motocross, enduro, Raid TT and today, Motorally. So I am very happy; I am getting more confident with the Fantic XEF 450 and the roadbook. Now let's see if we can do well in the last race in Sardinia, which will be in October and will be competitive".

Tiziano Internò: "Very positive day at the level of the standing with a second place in the marathon, and then on Sunday, I left room for friendship and sharing by offering my bike to Nicola Di Piero, who had had a small mechanical problem with his Fantic, allowing him to race in today's event, so come on, a good thing!"


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