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BATTERY - the heart of your E-Bike.

Do you know the features of the Fantic battery installed in our E-bikes?

Our designs must always comply with our four rules, to meet the best performance in terms of efficiency, vehicle control, rideability and exclusivity.

The battery in our mountain bikes, which we designed in-house in our R&D department, meets as many as eight requirements that every rider requires when using an e-mtb.

QUICK EXTRACTION. Thanks to the position at the top of the down-tube, extracting the battery without where to perform other operations becomes quick.

NO NEED TO FLIP THE BIKE OVER. The position at the top of the down-tube does not require you to flip the bike over to extract the battery, unlike many e-bikes on the market that place the battery at the bottom of the down-tube, making battery extraction more complex.

SUPER EASY CLOSING/OPENING. You need a 6-Allen wrench to close/open the battery lock. You don't need dedicated keys; if lost, you can no longer extract the battery independently, no matter where you are.

MAXIMUM SECURITY. The location at the top of the down-tube prevents the battery from receiving hits or shocks from rocks or any other object that might hit the bike at the bottom of the down-tube on descents along the most challenging Trails.

ALWAYS CLEAN. The battery and your hands will always be clean if you want to pull it out to recharge it at the end of a ride in muddy, very dirty and muddy terrain.

COMPACT. The 720 Wh long-run battery is only 369 mm long with 40 cells, much smaller than market averages for batteries of this capacity.

PERFECT CONTROL. Choosing to place the battery in that precise position in the frame above the motor optimizes the bike's centre of gravity and creates greater control, improves weight distribution, and significantly reduces the yaw force of inertia.

DESIGNED FOR YOUR BIKE. Fantic's battery is created by Fantic's research and development department to be installed in complete symbiosis with our frames to comply with the 4 fundamental roles. It is not a battery already on the market, forcing designers to create a frame around it.

Now you know all about our battery because of Fantic design and develop high-performance "riders."

Go Fantic!


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