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Caballero Fantic Motor Official

Over the past year we have often been forced to stay at home, unable to ride our Caballero! We had so much passion confined within 4 walls that we needed to channel it, speak about it and share it. This is why the first and only OFFICIAL CABALLERO FORUM was born on Facebook, with the idea of discovering, getting to know and sharing this great passion with millions of Caballero enthusiasts and lovers.


Join the official community: CABALLERO FORUM ITALIA OFFICIAL, to keep up to date with events and initiatives on the road that will be dedicated and reserved exclusively to the group, a forum also designed to collect opinions, views and advice from all fans.


We invite all dealers to be players in the forum too, by subscribing to the link (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2110818768952426/)

, it will be just the beginning of the year together, because "IT ALL BEGAN WITH ... CABALLERO".


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