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Treviso (Italy), 30/03/2021.

ISSIMO is your new APP that helps you easily and quickly to organize a lot of information of your Fantic ISSIMO ebike.

The App has been developed in collaboration with ESB Team - VAIMOO project.

The App shows you features like an analog-style dashboard speedometer, vehicle status and battery level, directly on your smartphone.

The App gives functions like Satellite Navigation and riding statistics, with the possibility of sharing your experience on Social Media.

It has a GPS-Tracking function of ISSIMO, with notification/warning on the Smartphone, included if ISSIMO is removed from the parking position.

You also have the flexibility to associate multiple smartphones on the ISSIMO ebike, creating a group of users.

The App is free to download from the Apple Store and Android Market.

The App works in combination with an additional Bluetooth-GPS kit to be installed in the ISSIMO ebike, so as to allow the pairing and management of the ebike.

The youtube link to the promo video of the App: https://youtu.be/7pi0yqumNI0



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