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Enduro e Motard

 New Fantic MY21 Enduro-Motard range: XEF 125 Enduro and XMF 125 Motard, available as "Performance" and "Competition" versions.

The brand new Minarelli 125cc 4-stroke engine makes its debut.

The latest generation engine is able to ensure an increase in performance in accordance with the Euro 5 emissions law.  Important updates to the chassis, ergonomics and aesthetics are inspired by the Fantic Racing models.

Improvements also applied to the new Euro5 compliant XEF 250 Trail as well.



QUINTO DI TREVISO December 18, 2020


Fantic presents the new Off Road Model Year 2021, dedicated to young people looking for emotions, fun and freedom. A revolution that starts from the new names of the models, which have met great success in sales and popularity in the last few years. Here are the new Fantic XEF 125 Enduro and Fantic XMF 125 Motard, available as "Performance" and "Competition" versions and the new XEF 250 Trail available only in the Enduro Competition version. The new Euro5 50cc models, XE 50 Enduro and XM 50 Motard are also coming at the beginning of 2021.


New aesthetics that proudly replicate the same Factory Feeling of the Fantic XX125 and XE125 that, immediately on their debut, have achieved victories and titles in International and National Motocross and Enduro competitions.


At the heart of the range is the brand new Minarelli 125 4-stroke Euro5 engine. A new generation engine  able to ensure an increase in performance in terms of torque and power: improvements that were made in accordance with the strict parameters of Euro 5 emissions regulations.


The new Euro5 125cc 4-stroke "power unit" - The engine of XEF and XEM 125 is technically advanced. The power unit is equipped with EFI injection system, slipper clutch and Variable Valve Actuation system. The VVA System, thanks to an actuator, the engine always selects the best performing cam at any speed, always guaranteeing the maximum acceleration.


The new cyclinder head offers a more efficient combustion. More power, less fuel consumption and less pollution. The slipper clutch prevents the rear wheel locking when riders decelerate, ensuring greater safety. In addition, it improves the gear shift feeling by reducing clutch friction by up to 20%.

The new compact crankcase reduces friction losses and improves efficiency.


Improvements in chassis, ergonomics and aesthetics - The frame of the Fantic XEF 125 and XMF125 has been optimised in terms of frame rigidity with new reinforcements; benefits which are felt when riding. The new 2021 foam saddle provides greater ergonomics and comfort. The new front mask (with Full LED headlight in the 250cc version) and the front fender are inspired by the Fantic Racing models.


The Motard version has been lowered by 35mm. As mentioned, the graphics were also renewed, presented in two colour combinations "White Version" and "Black Version", with the same style and Factory Feeling of the Fantic Racing models.


Two different specifications: "Perfomance" and "Competition" for XEF and XEM - The "Perfomance" version is for everyday use and is equipped with Fantic standard front fork and rear suspension, steel swingarm, forged T-clamps and a standard braking system. For those who want a bike closer to the Racing models, here is the "Competition" version, with Fantic Red FRS front fork, FSR rear suspension with piggy back and hydraulic adjustment, aluminium swingarm (only for the enduro version), anodised rear brake mastercylinder protection, CNC machined triple clamps, racing brake system with adjustable reach, black anodised silencer, handguards and lightweight ergal crown.


FANTIC EURO 5 XEF 250 TRAIL - The Off Road range is completed by the Fantic XEF 250 Trail, the big sister of the line, the ideal bike for those looking for an exciting enduro bike, easy and with very low maintenance. Updated aesthetics, inspired by the Fantic Racing models, it is also Euro5 compliant thanks to the excellent efforts of Fantic and its technical partners. Equipped with a 250cc 4-stroke engine with EFI (electronic fuel injection), it features a new ECU and Euro5 compliant Arrow exhaust. Also new, the Fantic front mask has full led lights.

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