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Fantic Racing got its first-ever points at the Moto2™ Portuguese GP

The race of the two Fantic Racing team riders was affected by penalties. In seven days in Argentina, the opportunity for a clean race.


Portimao (POR), March 26th, 2023


It could be a podium day…but the two long-lap penalties paid for the last year did not give a chance to Celestino Vietti, who, despite the situation, didn’t give up. He paid penalties with honor when he was third and started to recover positions, overtaking after overtaking until the 11th final position and his first 5 points of the 2023 season. 
That’s a good sign for the following races as Cele is determined, and today we saw it.

Borja Gomez was impressive with his consistency, speed, and fighting spirit for his determination. He paid two long-lap penalties, too, for a jump start, but the rookie quickly overtook more experienced riders, and he did it until the last lap. Without penalty, he would have finished in the point zone. 

Fantic Racing is happy today; it paid four penalties, but with a great test of strength, it demonstrated to be there, willing to stay among protagonists.

Celestino Vietti“We did a good weekend and got first points despite everything. I managed the race, trying to minimize the loss of time due to long-lap penalties. I was hoping to finish a little ahead, but, in the end, it passed a long time since I finished a race, and here it was important to get the result. We have a good basis on which we can work, and now we fly to Argentina head-on and to do better”.

Borja Gomez“We are leaving Portimao happy but also slightly disappointed. It was a tough race. I did a jump start and had to pay two long-lap penalties. I returned on track in the last position and started to recover after that. It wasn’t easy, considering this track requires a great physical effort. I had a constant pace for the whole race. I reached a small group of riders before me and finished 17th, close to the point zone. I am really happy with the job done by my team, and the feeling with the bike is improving a lot. I thank all the Fantic Racing team for this opportunity”.

Stefano Bedon (Team Manager)“It is not a bitter debut for Fantic Racing as both team and riders pushed on the accelerator, showing great commitment and determination. Now we are conscious that we can be among the protagonists of the season, thanks to Celestino, who is a top rider, and Borja, who, despite his mistake at the start, demonstrated a fighting spirit and exceptional skills”.


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