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Moto2 GP of the Americas: don't mess with Texas

Fantic Racing returns to the track for the third grand prix of the Moto2 season. Celestino Vietti and Borja Gomez arrive there charged up and looking for confirmation.

The third round of the MotoGP World Championship is being raced in Austin, Texas. The COTA is a technical track, but it has 1,200 metres long straight, the longest of the season, ending in an impressive incline, to the delight of the most daring riders.

Celestino Vietti arrives at the GP of the Americas with a great desire to regain the lead in the classification.

Borja Gomez is at his first experience with the Circuit of the Americas and wants to show all his skills and speed.

Stefano Bedon (Team Manager): "We go to Austin with the awareness that we can do well.
We may have picked up little in the first two GPs of the season, but we started with a handicap and situations to recover from. I'm not referring to the two long-lap penalties Celestino served in Portugal. Of course, without those, we would be here talking about a very different race, but I'm thinking of the series of crashes that Cele ran into last year. In these first races, it was essential to break the negative sequence, cross the finish line with some points, and regain confidence. He needs a podium finish, a goal at his reach, to get back into the game.
Borja has also collected less than what he is worth. In Portugal, he served two long-lap penalties for an early start, and despite that, he finished ahead of more experienced drivers. And Borja is a rookie. Without that penalty, he would have finished in the points zone. He was also unlucky in Argentina: he started too far back due to a rider's crash ahead of him in qualifying. Then, the race was shortened due to the rain, making any recovery impossible. But the Spaniard is very fast, and I am sure he will start to prove it soon".

GP of the Americas – Schedule (EU time)

Friday, April 14th 

16:00 FP 1 Moto3
16:50 FP 1 Moto2
17:45 FP 1 MotoGP
20:15 FP 2 Moto3
21.05 FP 2 Moto2
22:00 FP 2 MotoGP

Saturday, April 15th 

15:40 FP 3 Moto3
16:25 FP 3 Moto2
17:10 FP 3 MotoGP
17:50 Qualifying 1 MotoGP
18:15 Qualifying 2 MotoGP
19:50 Qualifying 1 Moto3
20:15 Qualifying 2 Moto3
20:45 Qualifying 1 Moto2 
21:10 Qualifying 2 Moto2
22:00 Sprint Race MotoGP 

Sunday, April 16th 

16:45 warm-up MotoGP
18:00 race Moto3 
19:15 race Moto2 
21:00 race MotoGP 


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