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Roberto Locatelli: “The injury didn’t slow Canet down”

LOCA’S IN(side)LAP – With Aron Canet’s fast crash resulting in a fractured malleolus, the Spanish GP had started off in a rather complicated way for the Fantic Racing Moto2 team. However, these difficult moments also reveal and strengthen true team spirit, as Roberto Locatelli explains firsthand in his latest blog post. 


Stronger together 

“Starting from the beginning, Aron Canet’s injury proved once again what it truly means to be a team and to be Fantic”, highlights Fantic Racing Moto2 Team Manager Roberto Locatelli. “We were all with him, as it had happened in Portimao for his maiden Moto2 victory, we all stood together also in this challenging moment in Jerez. This shows that our group is cohesive, that Fantic believes in success and also in helping each other in difficult times. We also saw the reaction of Aron as he was accompanied home by his long-time friend Sanchis. He immediately set out to try to return as soon as possible, as you can see on his social media accounts and in the videos that he sent us.”


Lucky (and determined) in misfortune  

After having undergone successful surgery on his left foot in Barcelona last Saturday, Canet is working tirelessly to get back on track in Le Mans next week. “He did not want to slow down because of the injury. Fortunately, the fracture was not too complicated but it is still a tricky point of the body as it is essential for the use of the gear lever. But his approach and our support made sure he would not even think about the possibility that an injury could hinder the task that we set out to do this year – we want to perform to the best of our ability, or at least try it regardless of what the final result will be”, adds the former 125cc World Champion.


“We saw four different winners in the first four Moto2 races of the season, three on Speed Up and one on Kalex with Aron Canet and Fantic. The Jerez weekend was difficult for many riders, we saw many crashes and some injuries. It is a Grand Prix in which everyone knows the track very well and everyone tries to squeeze out the maximum, maybe underestimating that it is indeed a very demanding race. Sometimes it is also important to be a little more patient and in control because the level is similar and a mistake can happen easily. This is evidenced by the fact that four riders have to show up for a medical check in Le Mans, including Aron. Now we have to work even harder but the approach doesn’t change. We go into the French GP with the goal to always do our best. Aron has already shown that he can come back to the top after an injury.”


One step back to make two steps forward

Despite the unfortunate setback with Aron Canet’s injury, Fantic still came close to the points in the Spanish GP thanks to Xavi Cardelus' progress. “With Xavi Cardelus, who did a great race, we went for a slight change of direction to support the process of his growth during the Jerez weekend,” Locatelli explains. “Any team tries to do steps with the bike, through developments and research to improve the feeling of the rider. And that is what we did as Fantic, to make sure that Xavi can ride faster and with more confidence. In the first three races these steps did not pay off, so we decided together with him to follow a different path. In the race he was fighting for P15 and his first point of the season, eventually finishing in 17. This result shows us that our small step back was actually a step forward.”

“Fantic is now looking forward to the second Grand Prix of this long European tour after what has been a far and long journey to the United States, including the NASA experience. In Le Mans we will try to get the most out of it once again. Aron really likes the track and Xavi also knows it well.” The French GP is scheduled for May 10-12 at the legendary Bugatti circuit, where the show is always guaranteed thanks also to a record-breaking crowd. 


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